Andrea Amelung
German-born artist Andrea Amelung is deeply devoted to the experimentation of process. She has developed a special method that incorporates a variety of mediums to produce intense colors that shimmer and radiate from the canvas. Amelung is a traveler at heart, with journeys and extended stays in many locales around the world. These experiences have served her well as an artist, collecting ideas, materials, and skills along the way. Since 1995, she has studied and painted in various artist studios, master classes, and workshops, efforts that have broadened her understanding of experimental processes and the practice of painting as a whole.
The extraordinary results of Amelungs diligent efforts are easy to discern. Her work, completed in a contemporary abstract expressionist style, is stunning to behold. Her achievements with texture produce a weathered, time-tested appearance to the application of paint. Other works are approached with gradations of a particular hue, to allow for the richest expression of the dominant color. Geometric forms and gestural lines are scrawled into or on top of the paint, evoking both modern and ancient art forms. Amelung will often employ raw pigments combined with unusual painting media such as modeling plastic, sand, ash, and marble dust. Her superb layering effects are also achieved by applying washes of beeswax and then scraping sections to reveal the layers below, providing a potent sense of texture and depth. Beyond testing the limits of the painting process, art for Amelung is a means to express emotions that are not easy to verbalize or represent. Abstract art is a visceral, instantly accessible plane of discourse with her audience. "Art is a means for me to capture different moods and situations from my life," she states. "My paintings hope to inspire, make curious, deliver surprises and radiate optimism, positive associations and joy of life." Amelung has exhibited and sold to private collectors around Europe and she lives and works in Berlin and Spain.